Welcome to www.StarLordKing.com

Here you will witness an evolving website that is starting from very modest beginnings. Within these pages you can expect to find original content that will range from the mundane to the unbelievable. Most of which you will be able to classify as either useful or interesting. The rest will just be an amusing perspective. Hopefully you will find yourself wanting more.

Modern Theme

The website design is essentially a custom modern theme designed by yours truly. It has big print with lot’s of white space that is relaxing and easy to read. Since this isn’t a canned or purchased theme you can expect to see design changes and even new features appear from time-to-time. Of course experimenting to see what works (and what doesn’t) will be ongoing.


You are probably wondering where such an interesting website name came from. Well, it has been my handle for many years and now it represents the identification of this website. It stems from an abbreviated version of the full title “The Star Lord and King” which is just one of the many titles referring to Enki/Ea.  It is a powerful name that is highly recognizable and exudes an otherworldly persona. Plus, it is so very cool.

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