5G WiFi IEEE 802.11ac – Gigabit speeds at a greater range

Who wouldn’t want greater speed, range and longer battery life from their WiFi devices? At the 2012 CES, Broadcom introduced a family of IEEE 802.11ac chips based on the 5th generation of Wi-Fi (5G WiFi). The four different implementation solutions range from the single stream (up to 433 Mbps) to the 3-stream (up to 1.3 Gbps). Entry-level 5G WiFi products should be around 450 Mbps, which is about three times faster than the equivalent level 802.11n. The power savings will come by transferring the same volume of data at a higher rate so that devices can go into a low-power mode faster than existing 802.11n solutions.

Not only is the data throughput of 802.11ac faster than 802.11n but the range is further since it does a better job at penetrating all forms of building materials. Where you find many dead spots using 802.11n devices you will enjoy near total coverage using 802.11ac devices. For example (as provided on 5G WiFi Advantages) the data throughput at 10 feet from an 802.11n transmitter would be about the same as 30 feet away from an 802.11ac access point.

Expect products based on 5G WiFi (IEEE 802.11ac) to start appearing in Q3 2012.

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