Your Second Brain

While reading through the December 2011 issue of “Psychology Today” I came upon a particularly fascinating article. It wasn’t an article on something that I would have expected and I wanted to share it. The article is titled “Your Backup Brain” and a portion is available online. The full article is available at newsstands.

Enteric Nervous System

It is known that the enteric nervous system (ENS) is capable of autonomous functions in vertebrates. It can and does operate independently of the brain and the spinal cord. But, recent research may show that the gut does much more than control itself. A new mind-body connection that might eventually lead to a reclassification of where thought originates – and it isn’t just in the tissues housed within the skull. This bold research is just scratching the surface of new ways that we could eventually perceive ourselves.

Could it be that one day our feelings, moods, preferences, memories, learning, and decision-making may be viewed as an entire body process rather than just an activity of the brain?

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Psychology Today: Your Backup Brain by Dan Hurley at Psychology Today.

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