The official launch for is today. Gone is the mysterious (and spooky) domain landing page and in its place is a functional blogging website. For my small circle of friends it has been years in the making and I greatly appreciate their support. Without their regular convincing (read “taunting” and “poking”) I wouldn’t have had an interest in creating this blog. You know who you are. Thank you very much.

Hopefully you took notice of the appearance of the website. It has been designed by yours truly with some rather bold design choices. Some choices are from new design trends while others are mash ups of many other sites coupled with my personal preference. It took much more work than I anticipated getting the fundamental vision into place and it’s only about half way from where I think it should be. Still, I’m rather pleased with how well everything came together for this initial release.

You will be able to read more about each design aspect in upcoming posts. Below are some of the considerations to whet your appetite.

Web design trend: Metro UI

Big and beautiful typography is at the core of the Metro UI design trend. It’s simple, clean and modern. Those three key words convey exactly how every website should begin. And that’s where the design inspiration for this website started. To create something that is refreshingly different.

Here are some fundamental considerations (the short list):

  • Use HTML5 markup and CSS3 styles where possible
  • Width of the site must render nicely within a 1280px horizontal resolution
  • The baseline paragraph font size must be 16px
  • The baseline paragraph line height must be at least 23px
  • The site must maintain a nice appearance in the absence of all pictures and incidental graphics
  • Use only one (1) font-family (a good font stack is alright for cross-platform support)
  • Use consistent typography (font-size, font-weight, font-style and colors)
  • Article titles must standout on the page
  • Use only a handful of colors in the palette (keep it to just 5 colors if possible)
  • Use lots of white space between the sections and let the white space define boundaries
  • Do not use long lines to define boundaries (other than for the comments hierarchy)
  • Do not use underline for links (just for the hover effect)
  • Do not use pixels (px) or points (pt) in the style sheets – use only em and/or %
  • Leave plenty of space for advertisements.


Making it fun

Above all I want the site to be a pleasure for visitors. When possible there will be content with a twist or an angle that will surprise the reader. Some articles will have enough depth and breadth to tantalize the imagination — mobilize the reader into a discovery process. Only time will tell which category of posts become the most popular. That will ultimately be the deciding factor on this blogs focus.

In closing I’ll leave you with one of my favorite sayings:

“Be well rounded. Not pointy.” — StarLordKing


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